Silhouettes Fade

Artist: Double or Nothing

Album: Silhouettes Fade

Label:  Unsigned

Release Date: 13 November 2010

Rating: 10/10

Bands such as Double or Nothing are hidden gems among our oversaturated scene of today.  Upon listening to the album Silhouettes Fade I immediately fell in love.  From start to finish it’s one amazing musical journey that will leave you wanting to listen to it for eternity.

From the opening track “Live It Loud” there is two jaw dropping aspects that will hit instantaneously and those are the beautiful vocal pipes on the singer, and the very rare sound of the violin.  I’m not one to compare to larger bands, but Double or Nothing sounds like a softer version of Yellowcard.  The very musical essence in Double or Nothing is a rare sound these days, which brings upon an exotic feeling while listening. 

The vocals are a few octaves higher than what you are accustomed to these days, so it may take a few listens to learn the lyrics.  After you learn them I guarantee you will be singing each time after.  The song “Believe Me” displays every great quality and should be the first track listened to if you want to see what this band is all about.

This album will most certainly tug at your heart strings when it comes to the lyrics.  Singing songs about falling in out of love and growing up will draw you in.  They are not like every other song out there singing on these topics, they have wrote with such passion and emotion that the honesty of the lyrics can bring a tear to your eye.  It’s not because you may be a giant softy, rather because they are so relatable it’s almost as if they have stolen the very words from your chest. 

If I could listen to one album for the rest of my life, Silhouettes Fade will be a top contender.  Each time listening, I find a new lyric or a new musical piece that causes me to fall deeper in love with Double or Nothing.  This is one album that everyone should listen at least once, just like a required reading book for school.  Because of Double or Nothing, my faith in the growing music scene has been restored.  You don’t want to sleep on this album by any means, go listen now!

Written By: Tyler Schmidt