Knockout Kid


If you're looking for a band which an abundance of high energy, talent, and ability to draw out a huge crazy crowd, then look no further than Chicago's very own Knockout Kid!  In my professional judgment, Knockout Kid is a pretty flawless band, a band that everyone will know and love from the moment you play their first song.  Words can't describe how fierce their music is.  Their instrumentals alone is like being tackled by a lion at full force in the desert.  The vocals are unique, nothing like you have ever heard before.  The first image that come to my mind is a Bald Eagle soaring in the sky, screaming right before he dives down to snag a fish out of the water.  Everything about their music is fast, majestic, and beautiful.  This is a MUST listen to band if you do not already know them! Listen. Love. Support The Unsung Heroes!